2009. Inget blir sig likt utan dig.

"A young little girl

so shook up by the world
A young little girl
Whose life took a turn

From a world without fear
to a world where everything with meaning dissapeared
What happened to your life little girl?
Where are your mummy?

You keep searching in the dirt
keep searching fore some meaning
But you're going blind
and the only thing you see
is nothing else but dirt

And dirt it will be 
until you widen your view
and get out from your black and white tunnel

Open your eyes
don't close them 
or you will go blind

Why don't you listen little girl?
You have turn blind now
Your whole body is infected
with longing for the end

And the end will come
The end vill welcome you
it will wrap its arms around you

You are free
You are free now
But your pain...
You left it for your mummy

Are you in peace with yourself?
With your mind?
Are you living your life now?
In heaven?
Are you living your life in heaven?"


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